Riverview School District

New School Facility for Moline Elementary School (pictured), Additions & Renovations to the Koch, Glasgow, Gibson, Lemaster, Danforth, Meadows, Highlands Schools, A/C Upgrades to the High School Building
Total cost $31,000,000


“ The quality of work throughout nine schools in the project was exceptional. The management of the nine projects, including ongoing and thorough communication with my office and the principles of the schools under construction was excellent. Mark and his foreman were the most diligent about cost containment — theirs and ours. The total cost of change orders for the entire project was less than 2%. I would give Wachter, Inc. my highest recommendation. I have worked with a number of construction companies in three different school districts over the past 18 years. I have never had a better and more satisfactory work and service.”

Chris L. Wright, Superintendent of Schools, Riverview Gardens Schools

108 Industrial Drive
Arnold, MO 63010-6101
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